Custom and Logo License Plates

We make custom license plates! Company logos, Greek Letters, Farm Brands, Car Clubs, Muscle Cars (Model and Year, etc) and Local Sports Teams are just some examples of the custom plates we can provide.

These and many more can be made in laser cut acrylic mirror! There are some limitations to our process, so please take a look at the information below. That will give you a good ideas of our capabilities.

Laser Cutting allows the creation of the most beautiful and eye catching license plate available, but not all designs are good candidates. Our graphic artists may suggest minor changes or simplifications to achieve the desired effect.

Custom License Plates are quoted based on the complexity of the design, number of colors and other factors.

Simple designs using 2 or 3 colors can usually be done for $35.

Logos that are a good fit for Laser Cutting:
  • Simple Shapes
  • Large Text
  • No Shading
simple custom license plate
Logos that may not be a good fit for Laser Cutting:
  • Contain Shading
  • Have Many Small Pieces and/or Details
  • Require Exact Color Matches
  • Have Small Text
  • Use Thin Fonts or Lines
complex custom license plate

All custom plates are laser cut from sheet acrylic and inlaid with a sealed ABS backing. The sealed backing makes a much stronger license plate, and protects the back of the mirror from weather.

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