The Colors

Mirror License Plate and Frame Colors

Here are some tips on selecting colors:

    All of the colors look great inlaid into Silver Mirror (also called Clear Mirror).

    Navy Blue Mirror, Red Mirror and Purple Mirror are fairly dark. The will have minimal contrast when inlaid into Gloss Black. They will show well in sunlight, and do provide a subtle effect that some customers prefer.

    The Red, Blue or Green will probably not match your car exactly.

    The Black, Silver and White generally will work on any color car.

    The Black is a True Black (not composite) and will match a black car.

The color samples below are for reference only. They may look lighter or darker depending on your monitor.
orange mirror swatch
Orange Mirror
pink mirror swatch
Pink Mirror
purple mirror swatch
Purple Mirror
red mirror swatch
Red Mirror
silver mirror swatch
Silver Mirror
yellow mirror swatch
Yellow Mirror
gold mirror swatch
Gold Mirror
green mirror swatch
Green Mirror
navy blue mirror swatch
Navy Blue Mirror
blue mirror swatch
Blue Mirror
black swatch
Gloss Black
white swatch
Gloss White